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The will or revocable trust package mainly pre-plan what will occur upon your death, but what if you remain alive but are unable to tend to your property, pay your bills, file your taxes, or otherwise conduct daily financial business? In this situation, you need a well-drafted Durable Power of Attorney. The "Durable" aspect of the document means that the document's instructions will survive your incapacity, meaning that the instructions can be relied upon even if you cannot affirm them to be consistent with your wishes.
Life is uncertain, and though it is sometimes not pleasant to speculate how or when it will end, it is prudent to consider all of the possibilities in order to not put your loved ones through additional hardship. A Durable Power of Attorney is yet another piece of that puzzle. Contact us today in order to help one of our lawyers assist you.

Nick, Lisa and the fantastic Adoption team at Maloof Law Group are at the top of our referral list whenever we have a woman who is considering Adoption as an option for her unborn child.

Marie Leatherby
Executive Director, Sacramento Life Center

Fortunately, with the help of Nick and Lisa, we have been given the tools to better communicate the incredibly unselfish choice Adoption can be.

Lynne Fuller
Administrative Assistant, Sacramento Life Center
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