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Sacramento Estate Planning and Wills & Trust Attorneys

Why should you create an estate plan now? That's the easy questions – it is the same reason why we buy life insurance. We make the "how" and "where" to get an estate plan easy too. Our attorneys are focused on you and what you care about, so you can focus on more important things like when you child's soccer game is.
Will your family be able to handle the finances if you are incapacitated? Will they have to pay unnecessary taxes? These are just a few of the questions that the estate planning attorneys of Maloof Law Group, APC can answer.
We walk you through what you do need and what you do not need, so you can be confident about the future. Allow us to help you ensure that your property goes to the people you care about.
At a minimum, your family should have the following documents:
Our Trust Package includes all of the above at a very reasonable and competitive price. Please contact us for details.
Your family may also be able to take advantage of additional tax savings through other types of trusts. A free consultation with one of our estate planning lawyers can help you determine affordable options for your property.

Sacramento Pour Over Wills Attorneys

The trust is "funded" by virtue of the creators of it transferring property into it. For real property, that means actually deeding the property into the trust's name, which you will choose. For other property, the trust will specifically acknowledge its inclusion. There is some property, however, that inevitably escapes inclusion, and this is why the pour-over will is important. The Pour-Over Will ensures that the assets omitted from the trust "corpus" are nonetheless distributed according to the trust's provisions. Without this piece of the package, your estate could remain subject to a probate proceeding, thereby incurring additional administrative expenses.
Have the Maloof Law Group, APC help you fashion an estate plan that is complete. Contact us today.

Sacramento Health Care Directives Attorneys

If you are alive but unable to convey your wishes regarding the health care you receive, your loved ones will be faced with the difficult task of determining your treatment without your guidance and direction. Unfortunately, this is usually a very emotional and stressful time, and some will want to "hold on" longer than others, or even you, would want. There is a delicate balance to be struck here, and the person most equipped for handling that balance is you through a well-drafted and thorough "Advanced Health Care Directive." That document will not only identify the level of care you wish to receive in the event your incapacity, but also discuss organ donation issues, cemetery arrangements, and other facets of this time of your life that is otherwise very stressful and uncertain for your family.
Your family and friends love you and want the best for you. Putting them in a position of having to guess your wishes or asking them to make decisions without your input that could leave them feeling guilty should not be options for you. Rather, contact Maloof Law Group and have us help you consider your options and fashion your wishes in a way that is just-right for you and your family.

Sacramento Durable Power of Attorney Lawyers

The will or revocable trust package mainly pre-plan what will occur upon your death, but what if you remain alive but are unable to tend to your property, pay your bills, file your taxes, or otherwise conduct daily financial business? In this situation, you need a well-drafted Durable Power of Attorney. The "Durable" aspect of the document means that the document's instructions will survive your incapacity, meaning that the instructions can be relied upon even if you cannot affirm them to be consistent with your wishes.
Life is uncertain, and though it is sometimes not pleasant to speculate how or when it will end, it is prudent to consider all of the possibilities in order to not put your loved ones through additional hardship. A Durable Power of Attorney is yet another piece of that puzzle. Contact us today in order to help one of our lawyers assist you.
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