Attorneys for Buying and Selling a Business in Sacramento


Nick Maloof, the founder of Maloof Law Group, has been involved with the Sacramento business brokerage community and has seen scores of businesses change hands effectively. He knows the process and he understand the competing interests among and between a buyer and a seller.


The purchase or sale of a business is not to be taken lightly. Significant tax consequences can ensue. The allocation of the purchase price is crucial. In some instances, a bulk-sale transfer is mandatory, in others it is merely recommended. For stock transfers, regulatory guidelines must be met, both state and federal. There is so much to know, but Maloof Law Group has the resources to facilitate your transaction, from start to finish. With contacts in the appraisal industry, the machine and equipment valuation industry, and the brokerage industry, whether you have a buyer for your business or you are a buyer and have identified a target business to purchase, Maloof Law Group can help. Please contact us to discuss your particular transaction further.