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Statutory guidelines usually dictate what child support will be, but the calculations remains subject to much debate. What is the party's true income? What is his or her true time-share with the child(ren)? What deductions or hardships are legitimate offsets to support?
The issue of child support is, on one hand, easy to see, but on the other difficult to determine. Most would agree that a parent has an ongoing obligation to support his or her children, but exactly what that obligation should be remains the subject of significant debate. We at the Maloof Law Group, APC are skilled in the debate issues and will work with you on fashioning a support order that not only serves the parents well, but, more importantly, serves the children as well.
If your case involves child support calculations, or perhaps you are in "arrears" and need to find a way out, please contact the Maloof Law Group, APC for a free consultation today with on of our child support attorneys.

Nick, Lisa and the fantastic Adoption team at Maloof Law Group are at the top of our referral list whenever we have a woman who is considering Adoption as an option for her unborn child.

Marie Leatherby
Executive Director, Sacramento Life Center

Fortunately, with the help of Nick and Lisa, we have been given the tools to better communicate the incredibly unselfish choice Adoption can be.

Lynne Fuller
Administrative Assistant, Sacramento Life Center
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