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Long ago, King Solomon knew that the real mother would not let the subjects "split the baby," and would therefore give him up voluntarily, but too often the current system seems ill-prepared to deal with modern life. Work schedules, hard feelings, and logistics — not to mention the inconvenience to the children themselves — conspire to make child custody arrangements difficult to make work.
The Maloof Law Group, APC has worked with all of the notable mediators in the area, public and private alike, and is skilled in finding or directing the property solution to the complicated child custody dispute. We can no longer legitimately threaten to "split the baby" in order to determine sincerity, but we can do the next best thing and argue vigorously for our client's point of view.
Contact us today if you would like this kind of advocacy on your side as you work to get the time you deserve with your children. One of our child custody lawyers will help guide you to success.
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