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A Trust
Marital Trust or Survivor Trust
AB Trust
Trust that divides an estate into two portions upon first spouse's death for purposes of maximizing exemptions available to avoid estate taxes.
Advanced Health Care Directive
A document used to establish one's end of life decisions in regard to medical care.
annual exclusion
The amount that can be given as a gift per year without triggering a gift tax or need to utilize a portion of the Estate Tax Exemption.
B Trust
Bypass trust or second part of an AB Trust that is disclaimed by the surviving spouse.
The cost of an asset used to determine the amount of gain upon sale.
The person named in a trust or will who inherits property.
certificate of trust
A document used to maintain confidentiality but provide important evidence of a trust's existence to a bank or other financial institution.
Personal Property (as opposed to real property)
An amendment to a will.
community property
A form of title which generally ensures a higher basis for a surviving spouse
A court proceeding where a judge appoints a caretaker for an adult that is unable to care for him or herself.
Death Taxes
Currently 40% of the gross estate valued in excess of $5,000,000 at the Federal Level.
To purposefully state that someone who would otherwise be a beneficiary of a will or a trust is not to take any portion of the estate.
Place of residency

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