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Capitalization Rate
A percentage calculation reflecting a return on investment.
cash for keys
A program or policy by which a new land owner will offer cash in order to quickly take possession of a property under the possession of squatters.
certificate of trust
A document used to maintain confidentiality but provide important evidence of a trust's existence to a bank or other financial institution.
Personal Property (as opposed to real property)
Choice of Law
A contract provision limited what jurisdiction's laws would apply.
An amendment to a will.
commercial general liability insurance
Insurance intended to protect against personal injury and other such claims
Common Area Maintenance
A tenant's responsibility to maintain its proportionate share of areas commonly serving all tenants.
community property
A form of title which generally ensures a higher basis for a surviving spouse
A court proceeding where a judge appoints a caretaker for an adult that is unable to care for him or herself.
consumer price index
A rating comparing, time period over time period, retail prices of goods.
an entity and form of doing business that is separation from the individual(s) running the business.
Cost of Living Allowance
An automatic adjustment based upon an index that factors inflation into compensation.
Covenant Not to Compete
A promise by one party not to compete commercially against another.