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real property
Land and Fixtures thereon, like residential or commercial structures.
Relocation Clause
A clause in a lease that enables or prohibits a landlord from relocating a tenant to another suite in a building or shopping center.
required minimum distribution
The amount of a retirement account that must be withdrawn and taxed as of a certain age and each year thereafter.
Return on Investment
Profits measured as a percentage of the initial investment.
revocable trust
A document that exists to hold property during your lifetime and then transfer property automatically upon your death, thereby avoiding probate and potentially saving in estate taxes.
Right of First Refusal
The opportunity to match a price or set of terms offered and take the place of the offeror on specified terms.
right of representation
Dividing an estate according to a certain generation, each of which gets one share, and if a member of that generation is pre-deceased, his or her children receive pro-rata distributions of that one share.