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Our Philosophy

“Professional Services, Personally Delivered.”

...what does this really mean?

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  • “Professional”:

    Attorneys and other professionals are to be "set apart" in terms of their demeanour. They are (or should be) held to a higher standard of conduct. They are bound by regulations and oversight requiring them to perform duties with a high level of diligence and competency. They are not casual in the dispensation of their services, nor should they be self-absorbed. Rather, they put their significant education, knowledge, and experience to good work by making manifestly wise choices that bring about reasonable results.
  • “Services”:

    Maloof Law Group, APC "services" its clients, not the other way around. Our focus is not on what we get, but rather what we give. Our focus, therefore, is you, our client. Whether you are in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado or Yolo, or any of the local communities within those counties, we are here to serve you.
  • “Personally"

    Ever feel like a number? We at the Maloof Law Group work to not make you feel like anything less than a client who has unique needs, and particularized objectives. We listen. We respond. We respect. We are the Maloof Law Group, and we are here to serve you in your legal matter.
  • “Delivered"

    The purpose of our engagement is to achieve an objective to the very best of our collective ability. Ultimately, Maloof Law Group needs to “deliver”, and we strive to do so with our client’s best interest in focus every step of the way. This is not a guaranty of outcome-no attorney can do that—but rather a commitment of effort on your behalf.
In conclusion, we hope you can see that we take your Sacramento area family law, estate planning law, business law or real estate law matter seriously. Allow us to devote our philosophy to your situation, and let us prove we mean what we say: “Professional Services, Professionally Delivered”.
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