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 For Our Birth Mothers...Getting Started

As an expectant mother considering placing your child for adoption, we understand that you are putting the needs of your child above the wants of your heart. Because it is difficult to sort out all of the emotions you are feeling, we will first have you meet with our Adoption Coordinator, who will explore your specific situation and address your immediate needs, including safe, comfortable housing, healthy nutrition, reliable transportation and dedicated, compassionate, professional medical care. During this time you will discuss your ideals for the type of couple you envision placing your baby with.

Your First Contact with Prospective Adoptive Couples: The Adoption Profile

Many factors go into picking an Adoptive Couple. You and your Adoption Coordinator will review selected Adoption Profiles to satisfy your desires for your child. Often, what you initially felt were your top priorities will change as real couples openly and honestly share their dreams for the child to be placed with them. Every birth mom approaches Profiles differently, but when you find your Adoptive Couple, you will know it.

Meeting your Adoptive Couple

The next step is a phone conference between you and your Adoptive Couple, hosted by your Adoption Coordinator. It's a time to make that first connection and get a feeling for who they are. This is an exciting time and your Adoption Coordinator will keep the conversation from feeling awkward by asking questions and getting the Adoptive Couple to share about themselves.
Once you have decided on a couple, the best part of the process happens—you get to meet them face to face! The Adoption Coordinator will arrange a meeting for all of you to spend time getting to know each other. It is usually a time of great joy seeing your couple in person and being able to finally visualize them as the parents of your child.

Delivery and Post-Placement Planning

Prior to delivery, your Adoption Coordinator will assist you in developing a birth plan for your hospital stay. Your Adoption Coordinator will be available to you during your hospital stay, making sure you are supported through this time and to assist you in placing your baby in the care of your Adoptive Couple.
As the adoption moves forward through the legal system, you will be kept aware of the process. You also will have accessibility to our Support Network which will continue to address your specific needs and provide the professional counseling that is so important to help you move forward and set attainable goals for your future. You Adoption Coordinator will work with you and your Adoptive Family to create a Post Adoption Agreement regarding your future communication and interaction with each other.
If you are interested in adoption, or just thinking about adoption and have some questions, please contact us.  There is never a charge to our Birth Mothers and we are happy to discuss all of the options available to you.
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