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The attorneys and staff of the Maloof Law Group, a professional California corporation in Sacramento, are dedicated to providing their clients with especially competent representation in two broad areas of practice:  Estate Planning and Business and Real Estate Law.

Our perspective in all of these legal disciplines is to put our client first by listening to them, conferring with them, keeping them well-informed, and ultimately helping them achieve their objectives.  Each of the practice areas we deal with has its share of challenges. Family Lawyers often have to balance emotion with legal constraints.  Will and Trust (Estate Planning) Lawyers often have to help clients navigate through uncertain, even scary, possibilities.  Real Estate and Business Lawyers get to strategize what is best for business, while still maintaining and preserving necessary relationships.  Each of these requires finesse that only comes with a personal—not institutional or bureaucratic—approach.

The Maloof Law Group prides itself in its slogan:  “Professional Legal Services, Personally Delivered.”  We enjoy what we do and genuinely enjoy serving our clients.  We understand that legal representation is expensive, and strive to work efficiently, without sacrificing thoroughness.  We know that legal matters can be stressful, so we gladly take on the burden of client cases yet ensure that clients remain informed.  We are selective in the cases we take because of the professional and moral convictions that we have made as a firm, but we would be pleased if you would contact us to tell us about the situation you face.