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Family Law

We can help with your divorce or post-judgment matter in several ways! Our passion is Mediation, but more economical options include Document Preparation and Document Review. Selectively, we can also assist with litigated matters.

Family Law is an expansive and ever-changing area of practice. It is often characterized by matters surrounding divorce, but it also includes more obscure matters such as guardianships and conservatorships, as well as much happier events, such as adoption.
At the Maloof Law Group, APC, every family law attorney is experienced in family law matters, and you will be assured a true team effort from our local Sacramento attorneys. So many choices will face you as a family law litigant, that it will be nice to know that you have the experience and discretion of the Maloof Law Group, APC on your side. This page will explain a little more about our family law practice, as well as highlight the different ways disputes can be resolved.
First, you should know that as Sacramento Divorce Law Attorneys we operate in the following areas of family law, basically consisting of the entirety of the field:
  1. Divorce, including:
    1. Property Division (including business and real property characterization)
    2. Child Custody (including Move-Away cases)
    3. Child Support
    4. Spousal Support (Alimony)
  2. Domestic Violence (Restraining Orders, or DVRO's)
  3. Post-judgment disputes involving any of the above topics
  4. Guardianship and Conservatorship
  5. Adoption

Next, realize that not all family law matters have to be contentious. Some can be mediated, and some can be dispensed with via a fairly new collaborative mechanism. Maloof Law Group, APC can litigate, if that is what you need or are forced to do, but we are also equipped to resolve the dispute using these other, less disruptive and less expensive means.

Lastly, please know that the attorneys and staff at the Maloof Law Group have character. We do not cater to those who want nothing but to hurt the person on the other side, yet we are vigorous advocates for our clients. We do not cower to the demands of other attorneys, but we are reasonable enough to gain a client's trust and thoroughly explain what areas of his or her case are worth pursuing, and which are not. Maloof Law Group has discretion, something that is ever-so-needed in the typically emotionally-charged divorce or custody dispute. We use that discretion to help you, our client, through a very difficult and painful time. Contact us today to allow one of our family law attorneys to help you.

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