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Marie Leatherby, Executive Director of the Sacramento Life Center

Nick, Lisa and the fantastic Adoption team at Maloof Law Group are at the top of Sacramento Life Center's referral list whenever we have a woman who is considering Adoption as an option for her unborn child. They not only handle each client with professionalism, but also with the love and care that we would want for any of our daughters, sisters or friends at such a delicate time. They have united so many happy parents with the children they have longed for. They are sensitive to the birth mother's wishes for her child, and work with her to make sure her physical, emotional and medical needs are met. It has always been a rewarding experience working with the Maloof Law Group.

Lynne Fuller, Administrative Assistant - Sacramento Life Center

Working with the Nick Maloof, Lisa Edwards and the Maloof Law Group has given us here, at the Sacramento Life Center, an increased opportunity to discuss Adoption with our clients. So often, just bringing up the idea of Adoption with someone experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy is a difficult one. Fortunately, with the help of Nick and Lisa, we have been given the tools to better communicate the incredibly unselfish choice Adoption can be. Empowered with those tools, we have experienced a definite turn in how our clients respond to that initial conversation of placing their child for Adoption. Nick and Lisa have come to our clinic several times to further educate us with regard to a better approach and talking points with our clients to promote LIFE and demonstrate the amazing blessing it can be for both the Birth Mother and Adoptive Parents.

Julie Criswell, R.N.

I am the clinic manager for the Sacramento Life Center/Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic. Our clinic has been helping woman with unsupported pregnancies since 1972. Often we meet with women who are overwhelmed with the new pregnancy and want to discuss their options, resources, and emotions. They don't know if they want to continue the pregnancy. They look at parenting and abortion as being their only choices. We encourage our clients to consider another option in making their decision--- Adoption. The greater Sacramento area is blessed with a special law practice with years of experience in building and connecting families through adoption law. They know their stuff, but more important, they understand adoption from "the inside". Nick Maloof, the founder of Maloof Law group, APC, was adopted as a child and Lisa Edwards, the Adoption Coordinator, has an adopted son. Through compassionate care, they network birth mothers and families seeking to adopt. They have a special team, with the emphasis on support, for helping their clients to explore and navigate the adoption process. I strongly recommend contacting Maloof Law Group to explore their services.