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Sacramento Commercial Leasing Lawyers

The Maloof Law Group has negotiated many leases, some a few pages long, some a hundred. The needs of the client, the sophistication of the landlord, the bargaining power of the tenant or possible tenant, and the risk aversion of the parties all come into play when negotiating a lease. At the Maloof Law Group, the terms of a lease could be too onerous to move forward, but that is your business decision to make, not ours.
The commercial lease brings with it hundreds of variables, but Maloof Group has likely seen them all. Certain provisions are more problematic than others, and all provisions can be drafted in a way that either benefits the tenant or the landlord.
If your business is intending to lease property and needs an advocate, contact Maloof Law Group, APC for a valuable consultation.

Sacramento Business Formation Lawyers

Central to forming your own business is choosing the entity through which you will operate it. The wrong entity can and will costs you in taxes. The wrong entity could be unduly cumbersome to manage for your type of business. The wrong entity could, in other words, put you at a disadvantage relative to your competitors.
There are many entities to choose from, including the corporation (both S-Corporation and C-Corporation, as well as the Professional Corporation), the Limited Liability Company (LLC), the Limited Partnership, the General Partnership, and the Limited Liability Partnership.
Each of these entities has its use, and each is entirely wrong for certain business models. Have Maloof Law Group help you sort what your needs are and help you form the entity that facilitates your business objectives. Please contact us to discuss.

Attorneys for Buying and Selling a Business in Sacramento

Nick Maloof, the founder of Maloof Law Group, has been involved with the Sacramento business brokerage community and has seen scores of businesses change hands effectively. He knows the process and he understand the competing interests among and between a buyer and a seller.
The purchase or sale of a business is not to be taken lightly. Significant tax consequences can ensue. The allocation of the purchase price is crucial. In some instances, a bulk-sale transfer is mandatory, in others it is merely recommended. For stock transfers, regulatory guidelines must be met, both state and federal. There is so much to know, but Maloof Law Group has the resources to facilitate your transaction, from start to finish. With contacts in the appraisal industry, the machine and equipment valuation industry, and the brokerage industry, whether you have a buyer for your business or you are a buyer and have identified a target business to purchase, Maloof Law Group can help. Please contact us to discuss your particular transaction further.

Sacramento Business and Real Estate Attorneys

Business Law and Real Estate Law include many sub-areas, but the Maloof Law Group prides itself in the transactional side of these issues, not the litigation side. In other words, we would rather help people achieve their business objectives and keep them out of court than to facilitate expensive litigation. We do not litigate business and real estate matters, and we are pleased to say our clients very rarely have to anyway.
That said, the Maloof Law Group business attorneys focus on Sacramento businesses, but is equipped to handle business matters arising all over California. Whether you are starting a business, trying your best to operate a business, or considering buying or selling a business, you need good advice on your array of options and, more importantly, which of those options is best for you.
In particular, Maloof Law Group focuses on the following Business Law and Real Estate Law issues:
We also offer business clients estate planning services.
The Sacramento area business climate is both fluid and dynamic. Have Maloof Law Group help you navigate these challenging issues during these challenging times. Our business attorneys will guide you safely to success.

Sacramento Business Mediation Services

As in the Family Law side of our practice, disputes between individuals do not have to devolve into expensive litigation. Nick Maloof of the Maloof Law Group is proud to represent business partners (used loosely) in helping them arrive at constructive solutions to their business disagreement.
Not every business partnership (whether actually a partnership or some other co-owned entity) will be a "match made in heaven." When things come down to earth, let Maloof Law Group assist you in parting ways gracefully but intelligently. Contact us today.

Sacramento Franchising Lawyers

The Franchise Disclosure Document (previously a "UFOC," or Uniform Franchise Operating Circular) is a complicated document that crucially explains a franchisee's rights and obligations relative to a franchisor. Depending upon what your position is, the understanding of this document (or its proper drafting) is essential to your success. In addition, the franchise model is under attack by some and heralded by others, and the facts support each side, depending upon the industry and the geographic location. As a prospective franchisor or franchisee, you need to sift through the different opinions and chart a course of action. We can help. Contact us!

Sacramento Land Use and Entitlements Lawyers

If you wish to develop land, do not be caught without a project manager. Usually, that manager is an attorney who understands the engineering side of the process, the governmental/discretionary side of the process, the environmental side of the process, and the public side of the process. Maloof Law Group is such a law firm. If you want to develop or redevelop your land, contact us to explore the possibilities and allow us to manage your project and advocate for you.

Sacramento Business Transactions Lawyers

Business is not a simple undertaking. Most businesses that are successful require a team of people for support, but each team member, if not handled properly, can be a liability. At Maloof Law Group, we know that you want your support team of vendors, suppliers, employees, independent contractors, and preferred partners to have clear guidelines and defined roles. We are therefore skilled in employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, purchase and sale agreements, memoranda of understanding, letters of intent, and other boundary-setting documents that help define the scope of someone's involvement in your business as broadly or as narrowly as you intend.

Sacramento Succession Planning and Implementation Lawyers

What is your business without a plan? What will occur to your business legacy without proper planning? Who should determine the fate of your business and perhaps your family's financial future? You should, of course, and with the help of the Maloof Law Group, APC, you will be in good hands to review the options and structure exactly how to get into business, as well as how to get out of it.